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Dear readers,

My apologizes, this blog has been in silent mode for a long time…not because nothing happens in Food For Your Eyes Land. Here is a round up page of past projects. Although, it’s true that for a while Twitter (@foodforyoureyes) caught me for its micro blogging attraction and immediate reactivity. This time is fadding a bit on my opinion, maybe because too much people are talking about the same (photographic) things so no one seems to listen to each other.

At a point I thought to transform this blog. But to what? to another tumblr on photography? Finally I took the decision to create, as I own the .com for many years. This is your new destination for everything related to FOOD FOR YOUR EYES .

As an independent curator my focus is on contemporary photography from all corners of the globe with a special interest in photobook makers . Check out the recent project I have been doing for Nofound Photo Fair in Paris November 2012 : Photographers & Book Makers show

However, foodforyoureyes @tumblr  will stay mainly as an archives (it exists since 2007!),  and news blog. Who knows, maybe I would have a delicious idea to feed the tumblr machine and keep blogging again! Stay tuned

Thank you for visiting, following and reading

Greetings from Paris


Street Photography Now : a traveling exhibition

The exhibtion is now on tour in Germany

Following a succesfull photographic trail in Paris’streets last November and then an acclaimed installation at Litchblick Gallery in Cologne in December 2010- January 2011, Street Photography Now is presented in Stuttgart from April 2, 2011 at Uno Art Space . We wish a long journey to Street Photography Now exhibition! 

The show at Uno Art Space is curated in collaboration with  Ute Noll. The show expanded on the road as it sees the addition of more photographs and photographers, including now the participation of Andrew Glickman,  George GeorgiouMichael WolfMimi MollicaSiegfried Hansen and Ying Tang.

 Artists in the show at Uno Art Space: Narelle Autio  •  Maciej Dakowicz • George Georgiou • Bruce Gilden • Andrew Glickman • Siegfried Hansen •Markus Hartel • Nils Jorgensen • Martin Kollar • Jens Olof Lasthein • Frederic Lezmi • Jesse Marlow • Jeff Mermelstein • Mimi Mollica • Trent Parke • Gus Powell • Otto Snoek • Matt Stuart • Ying Tang • Nick Turpin • Alex Webb • Michael Wolf • Wolfgang Zurborn

Gus Powell’s photo with window reflections

 Street Photography Now exhibtion was previously shown in Paris during November 2010, to celebrate the launch of the book Street Photography Now published by Thames & Hudson. The exhibtion was organised in the streets around the Canal Saint Martin neighborhood. In a meaning to take street photography back to the streets, the photos popped up in ordinary storefronts — including a bakery, a drugstore, and a hair salon — allowing people to see the images where they’re most at home: in the streets.

Alex Webb sugar candies in a bakery’s window full of candy boxes 

 The show received a lot of great reviews in the press, including the British Journal of PhotographyArtinfo and in  Artinfo French versionIt get featured with a portfolio in Next, the online magazine of newspaperLiberation and in the cultural weekly magazine Telerama. Street Photography Now has been mentionned as one of the must-see by Le Figaro, as the “buzz of the week” in the print version of the French Elle and also mentionned in Eurostar magazine…


Wolfgang Zurborn’s photo behind a passer-by in front of a pharmacy

With an help from Wolfgang Zurborn  who went to visit the street photographic trail and proposed to put the show at Litchblick Gallery in Colgne, the prints soon took the road  (with an help from Frederic Lezmi as the driver) heading in direction to Germany in early december.

For the opening of Street Photography Now, Tina Schelhorn and Wolfgang Zurborn , hosted a well packed Xmas Party,  as it could be seen in the slideshow bellow showing the installation on view at Litchblick Gallery :

 I would like to warmly thank Ute Noll, Tina Shelhorn and Wolgang Zurborn for their collaboration and contribution in expanding the show to more photographers. Warmest thanks of course to the participating photographers (they are 23! ), to Stephen McLaren and Sophie Howarth, the authors of the book (also don’t miss their Street Phhotography Now project) and last but not least to  Johanna Neurath and to Helene Borraz  at Thames & Hudson, for their trust and support in this exciting adventure.

* All photos of the Street Photography trail in Paris are from Street Photography Now Facebook Album

To keep updated about Street Photography Now book, projects, fresh news and discussions on the hot topic of street photography visit the SPN page on Facebook 

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Rhubarb Rhubarb presents The Crossing

“Are you going to stay where you are, live in the past, or cross over into the new world offered to you through technology, tenacity and a mind-shift around money, dependency, what is possible and how it can be achieved?”

The Rhubarb team -Rhonda Wilson, Lorna-Mary Webb, Sebah Chaudry,  to name the ladies who organized the successful International Review for 10 years in Birmingham- are rethinking of different ways of bringing photographers an event that will benefit them considering the shifting terrain of the contemporary image world. 

With “The Crossing”, Rhubarb bring together a great line up of inspiring speakers for one day:

  •  London based agent David Birkitt will talk about new markets. His company DMB Media is managing the career of brillant contemporary photographers such as Simon Roberts, Morad Bouchakour, WassinkLundgren …
  •  Photographer Edmund Clark will talk how he has made his documentary practice into a fine art success. Ed Clark latest project  ”Guantanamo:If The Light Goes Out” as well a book published by Dewy Lewis Publishing has been exhibited  in galleries and institutions and acquired for museum collections
  • Christian Payne is freelance mobile media maker who also specialises in social media and photography:
  • Michael Donald has been photographing men who have scrore a goal in Fifa World cup and co-directed and produced  ”I Scored a Goal in the FIFA World Cup Final”, a series of short films and a one hour documentary
  • Benjamin Chesterton & David White are Duckrabbit, a UK based production and training company. The talentuous duet produces photofilms and publishes the very opiniated and often hilarious duckrabbit blog. They will talk about the benefits of making work into a multimedia platform and how making stills into films could open up a whole new market.

"The Crossing", a one-day artist development seminar takes place on 26th March at The Theatre , The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham . B9 4AA. Admission is 20£ ( 23,50 €). Visit Rhubarb website for booking informations and programme.

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Street Photography Now Takes Over Paris

To celebrate the launch of Street Photography Now in the French language version, the publishers Thames & Hudson organise a ‘Street Photography Trail’ in Paris.

The exhibtion  curated by Nathalie Belayche, aka Food For Your Eyes, takes place from 5th to 28th November, throughout the Canal Saint Martin area.


The prints are viewable by the passers-by 24/7. in locations ranging from hairdresser, bakery, coffee-shop to fashion boutiques, with all street facing windows,  Selected photographs (18 photos) from Street Photography Now book show a mix of unexpected situations and beautiful moment of everyday life, sometimes humoristic, most of the time absurd, captured by a range of established and emerging street photographers. 

The participating photographers are :
Narelle Autio, Maciej Dakowicz, Bruce Gilden, Thierry Girard, Markus Hartell,
Nils Jorgensen, Martin Kollar, Jens Olof Lasthein, Frederic Lezmi, Jesse Marlow,
Jeff Mermelstein, Trent Parke, Gus Powell, Otto Snoek, Matt Stuart, Nick Turpin,
Alex Webb,  Wolgang Zurborn.

Street Photography Trail - Map

The Street Photography Trail preview is on 4th November. At the ocasion of  the launch at Artazart bookstore, 83 quai de Valmy, Stephen McLaren, the author of the book, will offer a guided tour starting at 6:30 pm. If you are in Paris, come to join us !

Booksignings are scheduled during Paris Photo Fair at Schaden bookstore booth, Friday 19th november at 2pm, and at Offprint PhotoBook Fair, Saturday 20th November at 6pm. Many featuring photographers will be around pen in hand !

Visit also the dedicated Tumblr in French  for Street Photography Now book by Thames & Hudson and the Street Photography Trail in the Canal Saint Martin area in Paris.

Big thanks to Johanna Neurath (Thames & Hudson), Helene Borraz and Anne Levine (Thames & Hudson Paris), Carl Huguenin (Artazart), Markus Schaden & Frederic Lezmi,  Nick Turpin & In-Public, and all photographers involved for their enthusiasm and support to make this project happens in Paris.

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Street Photography Links:

Street Photography Now Project by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren

Article "Why street photography is facing a moment of truth" by Sean O’Hagan  

Review of  SPN Book on Viewfinder Blog

In Public, International Collective of Street Photographers

Sevensevennine Blog by Nick Turpin on Street Photography

Street Photography Now exhibtion at Third Floor Gallery  Cardiff UK, 10 Oct-14 Nov 2010

Format International Photography Festival ‘Right Here, Right Now: exposures from the public realm’ 4th March-3rd April 2011, Derby UK

Street Rerverb Magazine dedicated to promoting, publishing and discussing contemporary street photography

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3rd International Portfolio Review 2010 in Vienna 26/27 November

Call for photographers to register for the 3rd International Portfolio Review in Vienna. Submision Deadline is October 31st

Nathalie Belayche will be reviewing portfolios in Vienna 26/27 November 2010 and would be pleased to meet the photographers to discuss their work.

For the third time, the anika handelt Gallery has invited local and international curators, art directors, publishers, gallery owners, and festival organizers to provide feedback in one to one conversations.  There are no limitations as to age or nationality for participating photographers. The conversations will take place in German.or English.

Further information about registration procedures and fees at anika handelt website:

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